Early beginnings of the company are dated back in 2007 when the company was first founded as Robotehnika l.l.c. Its main activity was the production of special purpose machines. Later on, the production was extended to CNC machining of various metals and now the company is additionally specialized in manufacturing of special hydraulic blocks. Due to the increased production, we have moved the production in 2010 from a domestic garage to a workshop with the production area of 160m2. Because of constantly increased production and additional CNC machine park a new production site is being built with the covered production area of 1300m2. It will be fully operated in the middle of year 2017.

Timeline of company's development

The establishment of a company Robotehnika l.l.c.
Due to the increased demand for machinery, Andrej Orovič decided for an independent professional path. He started to work with various partners; SMC, TELEM Maribor and Strojna gonila Maribor are just some of them.
Procurament of 3 axis CNC center
Procurament of 3 axis center and CNC lathe machine
Procurament of CNC lathe machine
Procurament of 3 axis CNC center
Procurament of 2 CNC lathe machine
Selitev v nove poslovne prostore v Novi vasi pri Markovcih
Zaradi povečanega povpraševanja se bomo v maju 2017 preselili v nove poslovne prostore.

Our Vision

We want to become an innovative company that will provide our customers a complete service from a development till production and assembly of either a product or service inquired. We want our work environment to be friendly so as for our employees to live in a receptive working environment.

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